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Floor Restoration

Available in Middlesbrough, Cleveland 

Improving the look of your floor has never been easier with our floor restoration service. It does not matter what condition your floor is in, we can repair it. At our company, we provide you with advice and guidance about cost-effective and durable floors, and whatever your requirements and preferences, our team supplies you with information to help you make the right choice. For example, when you are looking for a floor that is easy to install and maintain, our team would recommend a solid wood floor. Located in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, we fit your floor at a competitive price.

Floor Sanding

Our team of professionals can restore all woods floors no matter what condition they are in. The types of flooring that we can restore are:

• Hardwood Boards
• Parquet Blocks
• Pine Floor Boards

The restoration process consists of repairing or replacing any damaged timber, and then sanding the floor back to a smooth bare wood. To guarantee that you receive an unparalleled service, the equipment used by our team is of a premium quality. At our company, we know how inconvenient it can be when a huge amount of dust is created when sanding your floor. With our sanders, this worry is eradicated as we use quality equipment that creates almost no dust! Also, as part of this service, we stain your floor and apply a protective finish of your choice. Our protective finishes include:

• Polyurethane Floor Lacquer

• Wax Finish

The Sanding Process

In this process, our team do the following:

• Repair Loose or Damaged Boards (We Replace Timers or Use Reclaimed Ones)
• Fill Any Gaps Between the Boards (If Required)
• Sand the Floor Remove Any Old Finish and Damage (Using A Variety of Papers to Make Your Floor Smooth and Ready for Finishing)
• Colour Your Floor by Using a Floor Dye or Coloured Oil, if a Colour is Needed, We Put Samples on Your Floor

• Protect Your Floor with a Durable Finish

Solid Floors

A solid wood floor is a piece of timber that is cut from a tree, milled into a plank, and then kiln dried. This service encompasses the following:

• Solid Wood Floors
• Solid Planks of Wood
• Load-Bearing Floor
• Longer Life-Span
• Traditional Floor 

Please note, solid wood floors need to be installed in a moisture-controlled environment. Therefore, we do not recommend this floor for the following areas:

• Cellars
• Basements
• Conservatories

• Under-Floor Heating Systems

Engineered Wood Floors

There are many advantages of having an engineered wood floor, the most noteworthy one is that it can be fitted straightaway. Usually, this type of flooring is more time-consuming as there is more work needed, this floor requires a multi-ply and a cross-laid backing, with a top layer of a specific design. Also, this type of floor is dimensionally stable, and it can be installed in areas where solid wood is not compatible. Another benefit of this floor is that it is better value for money as the wood finish is only used on the top layer. This technique is used to give the floor an expensive look but at a fraction of the cost. For example, if you want an oak finish, the only layer that is oak is the top one, and the lower layers are made of an inexpensive wood such as pine.

Joinery Services

Alongside flooring, at Signature Interiors, we offer some joinery services too. Our joinery services include:

• Skirting Boards and Architraves
• Door Installation and Trimming
• Kitchen and Bathroom Installation
• Floor Preparation (Floor Screening and Ply-Lining)

Contact us in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, to learn more about our solid wood flooring and restoration solutions.

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